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Valerie has hands-on experience training dogs for over 15 years.  She utilizes only gentle, humane, force-free and bliss-based dog training methods.


Having completed a 3-year program at Companion Animal Science Institute, she received a diploma in Dog Training and Behavior Consulting.


She's passionate about teaching dog's tricks and has trained dogs to dunk basketballs, play piano, skateboard, walk on a rolling spool and much more. (see our videos page and youtube channel)


Born and raised in the Ann Arbor area, she currently resides in Ann Arbor with her 4 terrier mixes.


Valerie continuously gives back to the community demonstrated by her volunteer work at the local humane societies, animal sanctuaries, rescue groups, Therapaws of Michigan and the Salvation Army.

about Valerie

Ann Arbor Dog Trainer, Valerie Wells
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