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why train with Ann Arbor Canine Coach?


If done properly, training is one of the most important aspects of living with a dog. Every dog is unique but the way in which dogs learn is a commonality. Valerie uses force-free and bliss-based, positive reinforcement methods, including clicker training. These force-free methods not only build confidence in your dog,  they enhance the human-canine bond. This bond is what enables you to develop trust with your dog as well as develop important communication skills.

Valerie is a proud member of “Truly Dog Friendly,” a professional organizations that accepts trainers who utilize ONLY force-free, positive reinforcement techniques. There is NEVER a need and NEVER a reason to ever harm your dog, with electric shock collars, choke collars or prong collars in order to have a well mannered pet. Valerie gives you the proper guidance and direction needed for YOU and YOUR dog to SUCCEED!

Ann Arbor Canine Coach systematically opens the lines of communication between you and your best friend. When you train with the Ann Arbor Canine Coach, you and your dog will receive a transparent, positive, calm and collected approach to address your unique and individual needs to provide a resolution. 

Ann Arbor Canine Coach takes a holistic approach, with the knowledge that physical as well as mental, emotional and  social components are equally important to a dog's training and behavior modification, to ensure sustainable training results.

Ann Arbor Canine Coach has a reputation for both their ethics and integrity. Their rates are competitive and affordable, a combination of expertise and experience provide proven results.

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