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private training

Is Private In-Home Training a good choice for you?


  • is your dog shy or fearful?

  • does your dog react by lunging and/or barking at people or dogs?

  • does your dog ignore you when you call him?

  • does your dog walk you?

  • are you losing friends because your dog accosts them, jumping on them at the door?

  • do you have a new puppy that is biting, chewing and getting into everything?

  • do you need help integrating your dog into family life with a new baby or kids?

  • too busy for classes? Would you prefer one-on-one customized training wth a flexible schedule?

If you answered "YES!" to any one of these question,

Private In-Home Training is perfect for you!

There is hope.  Contact us for help.

Some of our more POPULAR Programs:

Dog Manners/New Dog Program

Having untrained dog is likened to visiting a foreign country and not speaking the language: Dogs do what works for them to obtain what want or need. Training not only opens the lines of communication it builds confidence decreasing the chance of any future or potential behavior issues

Dog Behavior Modification

Sadly, most dogs that are surrendered or euthanized are due to uncontrollable behavior issues. Private lessons provide one-on-one time with the trainer addressing particular behavior issues of concern, as well as creating a customized training plan for you and your dog utilizing a calm and collected approach.

Noise Therapy Program

Does your dog have issues with certain sounds that make him or her go crazy...lunging, barking at the vacuum cleaner? Shaking and hiding under the bed during fireworks or thunderstorms? Barking uncontrollably when the door bell rings? Then this program is for you.

Dog and Babies Program

Know what to expect from your dog when you're expecting a baby! It's always best to be proactive to ensure the best success. Let us help you in advance of the new baby arrival. This training package prepares the dog before the baby arrives to set the dog up for success.

New Puppy Program

They're warm. they're cute and they're cuddly but without realistic expectations they can be a handful. This customized private training in your home addresses "all things puppy" such as puppy biting, potty training, crate training,socialization and much more. We'll cover all the basic manners. Phone support as well as a "free lifetime membership*" to our exclusive "socialization play group." All family members including children are welcome to participate in the training. 

Dogs and Kids Program

Although they mean no harm, children can do a number of things to trigger aggression in dogs.This training package teaches the dog and the child how proper interactions should take place for successful and harmonious results.This training applies to kids from toddler to school age.

All of these programs can be combined or customized

Contact us for details

Reactive Dog Program

Reactive dogs lunge and bark at other dogs and people, making going out all but enjoyable. While some reactive dogs may be aggressive, some dogs just get overly excited. Reactive dog training will help your dog to learn that they can be calm in overstimulating environments.

Fearful Dog Program

Imagne what it's like to live with your fearful (shy, nervous or cautious) dog and then imagine what it's like for your dog, where every thing makes you so frightened and anxious. Fearful dog training works on identifying your dog's fears and then implementing a plan to help your dog live more comfortably.

Ann Arbor Canine Coach is happy to serve the Ann Arbor area incuding Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and parts of Saline

*terms and conditions apply
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