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Dog Training Classes

Well-Mannered Dog

Got a new dog? Does your dog need a little guidance to improve his/her manners? This class is perfect for new dogs and for dogs that need some direction or a refresher. Learn cues which apply to real world settings, to create a dog that is well-mannered and valued member of the family. Prerequisite: Your dog must be over 5 months old and be able to work in an environment with other dogs, while on a leash and is able to be handled by a friendly stranger. NO reactive dogs. Please contact us if you have a dog who barks or lunges at  other dogs or people. For dogs 6 months and older. Limit: 8 dogs


Reliable Rover

This class is held outdoors and arouns town advancing onwhat we worked on in Well-Mannered Dog class. Well-Mannered Dog Class must be taken first before enrolling in this class. For dogs 6 months and older. Limit: 6 dogs

Ann Arbor Dog Trainer -Dog Training Classes
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