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Puppy Program Refund Policy

Puppy Program Refund policy

As stated in the contract:

“Client agrees to pay Trainer a non-refundable Program fee in the amount of $ “X” **payable upon the first lesson. (**Note: This fee is the “program rate” and is not an hourly rate or per lesson rate)”

Refunds will be considered only in special circumstances as determined by Ann Arbor Canine Coach, i.e. unexpected illness resulting in death of the dog or the owner.  The following rules apply. 

Client cost:  

(This is the percentage of the total cost that the client incurs as the Program progresses.)

Refunds are calculated by the "Total Program cost" - "Client cost" = "Refund amount" 

        50% of the total program fee if cancelled at the first lesson

        50% of the total program fee + $75 admin fee if cancelled after the first lesson

        75% of the total program fee if cancelled after the second lesson

        85% of the total program fee if cancelled after the third lesson

        100% of the total program fee if cancelled after the fourth lesson including all lessons                           

                 beyond this lesson   


  • If a lesson is cancelled by the client in less than 48 hours (refer to the Cancellation Policy in the contract) of the next scheduled lesson and the trainer waives the “cancellation fee,”  no additional fee is incurred for this particular lesson cancellation, during the course of completing the Program.

  • If the client later requests a refund for the Puppy Program, the cancelled lesson is counted as a lesson and all Refund Policy rules apply.

The signed,  "Dog Training and Behavior Modification Contract." and this "Refund Policy" works in conjunction with one another, Please refer to the original contract for policies that are referred to on this page.

A signed 'Refund Waiver Agreement" is required for all refunds.

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